Bad Dreams for a Vice President:

'Duo sur la plat'

The Palestine Game 2003 (continues)


Oneiric Procession of Spinning Messiahs 2003


Danse Macabre - Apocalypse.

The Last Rave 2002

Sierra Leone. Childrens Game (real Weapons)

Tieneman Hospital during Chinese Army Versus protesting students for democracy (Army 360 Students 0)

East Timor (Indonsian Versus Protestors Game 1990)


Italian Special Police Versus Protestors Game: G8 Summit Genoa

Thatchers Mounted Police versus Coalminers Game 1981


Oneric Carnival -"He wants the whole world in his hands" (For Steve Bell), 2003

Unholy Chorus to passing

goods train from Auschwitz

Bad Drean Figures Falling 9/11

Oradour: Women and children rounded up for march to church.


Oneiric Interior of Church.

July 1944


Oradour: German Troops watch as church with 630 women and children burn. July 1944

Mareth Line: Tunisia. Gun Emplacements currently used by locals as stabling (March 2007)

First wash in fresh water after three months,

Wadi El Halouf, Tunisia 1943

"Vergissmeinicht" After Poem by Keith Douglas 1942 (Exhibited at Cambridge Poetry Society 1981)

Soldiers Sea Bathing Alamein 1942

Body Part from the sky, El Alamein September 1942


Tatanager - Armoured observation vehicle A.O.V


German Graves being dug up by Arab Dogs: Tunisia 1943

Young Che with Cuban cigar

Artist and poker school. Quiet period Al Alameein

Burning Evidence. Berkenhau Camp, Germany 1944


Oradour II- Village Green, 1993


Oradour II- Exterior of church crucifix

with bulletholes-Gouache and pastel


Oradour II- Oradour Town, 1993. The town as left by the Nazis and now kept as a monument

Oradour II- Sketch inside church, 1993




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